Preserve Your Digital Templates in 4 Steps

As an educational technology coach in a school district that has recently implemented G Suite for Education, I hear lots of success stories from teachers and students about collaborating…sharing Docs, group work in Slides, distributing work via Google Classroom, etc.. The ability to share and collaborate in all G Suite apps is definitely a game-changer BUT there’s one question I get often from frustrated teachers…”How do I get students (or teachers) to stop altering my templates?” This is a common problem. Once students start to manipulate templates to customize them as their own work, things are bound to get deleted and disorganized. There’s a simple solution that will prevent this AND preserve your templates for as long as you want to use them!

Follow these steps:

(Create or paste your template on a Google Slide.)

Click File>Download as>PNG Image. This will save your slide as an image on your computer.

Create a new blank slide and select to change background to an image.

Choose your PNG file from storage.

Students and colleagues can now insert text boxes to modify your template without altering the original!

4 thoughts on “Preserve Your Digital Templates in 4 Steps

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    1. Yes! Craig, thank you for sharing this tutorial. I haven’t thought of making master slides for teaching templates; I usually do it just to have a particular presentation design saved. Great thinking!


  1. This was so helpful! I tried it yesterday, and it all worked perfectly! Yay! Hopefully I get quicker with it the more I practice…it took me longer than I thought, but we all start somewhere, right? Thank you so much!! 🙂


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