Digital Notebook Template

Graphic that says "Digital Notebook Template" at the top with 4 images below. One is a notebook cover with tabs, the next is a notebook page with colored sections, the next is a notebook divider, and the last is a notebook page similar to the second.

Blue notebook cover with colored tabs that read period 1, period 3, period 4, up to period 10.

When a colleague asked the best way to create a digital notebook, my answer was Google Slides of course! But then my wheels started turning, especially because I am in the middle of Tony Vincent’s Classy Graphics course and I am learning so many amazing ways to design graphics for use in educational settings. It’s so much fun to think of all the ways this digital organizer could be used and modified by students and teachers, especially since Google Slides is a common format that lots of students already know how to manipulate.

Get your copy of the template here!

Once you have a copy of the digital notebook template, save it as your original and make more copies as needed. You can label the cover and tabs any way you wish and each tab is hyperlinked to the corresponding color divider! If used as a student notebook, the tabs can be labeled for each course or class period. If used for one subject, students can organize their notes by unit of study. If used as a teacher planner, label with class periods or subjects! This can also be customized for use by instructional coaches to keep notes in PLCs or coaching cycles!

Use the dividers to organize your sections visually. Add a text box to create a “table of contents” for the pages that follow and link your course text or other yearlong resources for efficient access. All dividers have a 🔙 To Cover button so you can easily navigate back to the “main menu”.

Once you’ve personalized the labels and dividers for your needs duplicate the notebook pages to use as needed! Students may want to use this as a digital note-taking tool or as a repository for course resources. Teachers can use this as a lesson and resource planner! The beauty of using Google Slides is that all text, images, and videos inserted to the pages can be hyperlinked to additional resources, other slide decks, or the course text so it puts everything in one place!

I love to play with Google Slides and this template pushed my design skills but I love a challenge and learning new things as I go! Please feel free to make a copy of this template and modify it in any way that will make it useful for you! I believe in a community of sharing and I would love to see what ideas you come up with!

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    1. I make the tabs by going to Insert>Shape, then draw, color, and move the shape where I want it. To make it link to another slide, click CTRL+K and select ‘Slides in this Presentation’ and choose which number slide.


    1. To make the notebook cover, I:
      1) Made the design on a slide with a transparent background
      2) Clicked File>Download as>PNG
      3) Made a new slide and selected Background>Use Image and selected the image of the cover.

      I do this so that students won’t move around all the elements of the notebook cover but here is my original. Feel free to File>Make a Copy so you can change it.


      1. Thank you so much! I love this digital notebook template!! I appreciate you!!

        I have one more questions. How do you lock so students cannot move? I am putting cloze notes in the notebook but I do not want them to move it around but still be able to type.


      2. Thank you for your feedback! To make things unmovable by students, set the slide up the way you want, then go to File>Download As>PNG. Create a new slide and go to Background>Use Image and select the PNG you just downloaded. now that whole image will not be editable to anyone else. But you can still put text boxes and other things on top of it if you want students to write in it.


  1. Laura, once again you have demonstrated why you are a TECH ROCKSTAR! What a phenomenal creation. Such a fabulous tool, especially for SpecEd students. Thank you for sharing, my dear friend!

    John O


  2. Thank you Laura – I have children using this for their remote learning and it keeps things so organized. I am rolling it out classroom-wide today during our Google Meet. I teach third grade and I think it will be easy for the kids to keep things in an organized digital “book.” Thank you so much for sharing this!!


  3. I made a copy of the template. Shouldn’t I be able to click on the back to cover or back to divider buttons and it will bring me back to those pages? I click on them and it opens as a text box. What am I missing?


    1. Hi Jen, when you are in the editor’s view of the slide deck, if you click on the edge of the text box the link to take you “back” will appear and then you can click on it. If you are in presentation mode you can just click on the box and it will go right back.


  4. Thank you for sharing this template, Laura. I hope you can help me troubleshoot, when I click on the link to make a copy, the slides open in presentation format and I’m unable to download or make a copy of them.


  5. Thank you for sharing this digital notebook Laura! I teach special ed in high school. I can’t tell you how many notebooks I set up for my students each semester only to have them lose them within a few weeks! I can’t wait to implement this in the fall! Praying my students won’t ‘lose’ it!


  6. Do you think this would work with 20 tabs in one notebook? I’m trying to create a notebook for conversations I have with teachers. By each teacher’s name or a number associated with table of contents which has their name…


  7. Thank you so much for sharing this! This is absolutely amazing. I am in the process of turning my interactive math notebook digital and this is giving me the place to start. I am also learning google – would you be able to help me with adding tabs? I know how to duplicate slides but not so that they link back and then line up like they do on the cover. I am a newbie :O lol Thank you again!


  8. I love the template and I’m sure my students will too! I added a detailed Table of Contents page on page 2 (after the cover but before the yellow section) and then created a star tab at the top of each section page that will take you back to the TOC. I did it, so as my students/I add additional slides, we can have a detailed list of what’s in each section. I also made the last section a glossary, and I am planning on having students use that for vocabulary. If needed, I may make a similar shortcut to the glossary section, but put it at the bottom of the section divider – or maybe on every page for my ELL students.


  9. Hi, I think this is fabulous. I will have to play with it. With Having to do Distance Learning now, I would like to use this for my SDC Geometry Students in the Fall. Usually we use a graph paper Notebook that stays in the classroom where all work goes. My wondering…
    Can I (once I set it up,) have it as a resource/or assignment in Google Classroom for students to use that I can update (but they only have access by making a copy for themselves)… Then would it still be update-able by me each class period (or even by them for their own copy)?
    Oh also… Since we use Google, I would have to turn it into google sheets to share with students. Will all the links transfer over? Thanks


    1. I hope I understand your questions. If you give students access as “View Only” any changes you make to your version will be reflected on their view but if one or more students make a copy for themselves, any changes you make to your original will not be reflected in their copies. If you kept it as a view only copy at the top of your Classwork tab in your Classroom, it would be a great ongoing resource. I like that idea! I am not sure what you mean by turn it into Google Sheets? Do you need to embed spreadsheets somehow?


      1. Thanks. That is very helpful.
        No, I meant Google slides. sorry. In order to post to classroom, it has to be in Google’s slides. I assume I just save it as a google slide document (make my ongoing edits in that) and all the links will still work.


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