Weekly Schedule Template

As most of us do, I feel completely powerless over what the new school year may look like but finding general ways to support teachers is something I can do. I have seen dozens of different schedule ideas being shared on social media and in the news which made me wonder how students, families, and teachers are going to keep these unfamiliar schedules straight. To help, I created a simple Weekly Schedule Template that can be customized a number of ways. The original template is a five-day, eight “period” grid.

From there, teachers can customize the details, colors, fonts, dates, times, etc. The best part is that all the text and icons can be hyperlinked and the slide can be saved as a PDF so students and families can click on the links but not edit the details.

Check out these short videos to see how!

First, you are going to want to duplicate the original slide so you always have the template to work with. You will also be able to duplicate your customized slide each week to save yourself planing time!

Customize the details at the top to reflect the date or other information you need to share. The icons are there for you to hyperlink out to commonly used sites such as your school LMS, your contact information, your school or district website, or other important information you always want your students and their families to be able to find quickly.

There are several ways you can customize the schedule. Each day’s column stands alone so you can add or delete columns simply by highlighting, then deleting or copying + pasting. Resize the columns the way you would in any table. Each column or individual cell can be recolored to create visual organization for your students and their families!

Also consider changing your font style, size, and color to emphasize details!

If your daily schedule looks different from the one in the template, You can simply merge cells to reflect the appropriate number of activities you and your students may work on in a given day. Don’t forget to hyperlink out to any relevant resources such as videos, websites, documents, etc!

When you are ready to share your weekly schedule with students, there are a few ways you can do that! If you want them to have access to the whole slide show so they can see each week in one file (and have access to all of your resources in one place!) simply share your slide file as “View Only” so they don’t accidentally edit your details.

Better yet, you can save each weekly schedule as a PDF file and share it with students and families via your LMS or email. Having access to the PDF will still allow viewers to click your links without being able to edit anything.

If you decide to try this template, I am interested to see your customizations and find out how it is working for you! Reach out to me at laura@engageducate.com!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Schedule Template

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  1. This is exactly what I am looking for as I start online instruction next week. Have you had any issues with students accessing links ahead of time? If you change a link and you just share with view setting, they will see the update, right? Thank you for sharing.


    1. Yes, that’s correct, if you share it as a view only anyone who has access to view it will see any changes you make. The changes will be live unless your viewers make new copies for themselves.


    1. Thank you! Sure! Once you have created your own copy, go to the slide/page you want to add the image to and go up to the menus at the top. Choose Insert>Image and it will allow you to add an image from Google Drive, a Google search, or from your downloads. You can then resize it and move it around any way you’d like.


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