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Are you looking for new blogs to follow in 2019? Check out my Wakelet collection of Ed Tech blogs to find new ideas for supporting your students and curriculum with digital tools! Although it’s impossible for me to read every post from every blog the way I would like to, there are some blogs that I follow very regularly because they fit my professional needs. Start with 2 or 3 and move on if you find that you are looking for something different! Speaking of Wakelet if you haven’t tried this super-easy curation tool, then now is the time! Wakelet allows you to curate boards of all-things digital: links, images, videos, PDFs, FlipGrid videos, etc! If YOU have an Ed tech blog and would like to add it to my collection you can do that as well! Just follow the simple directions below and use code: d5bead

Add the ‘Classwork’ tab to your older Google Classrooms

Educators are abuzz about all of the Google Classroom changes taking place over the last month two months, with a wide range of feelings and acceptance. Collectively, we have been so vocal on social media sites and with feedback directly to G Suite for Education that Google made another round of updates shortly after the first. One of the features I get asked most about is how to add the Classwork tab to Classrooms that were created before the August 2018 updates took effect. It’s a bit tricky to find where to do that so I made a short video that illustrates the steps:Add Classwork to Classrooms Still

One thing to keep in mind…you must have been the creator (not just one of the teachers) of the Google Classroom to have access to the option to add the Classwork tab!

Interactive Whiteboard Template

Back-to-school season has all of us thinking about how we can maximize our resources for the school year! I have worn out likely hundreds of dry erase markers in my career as a teacher. Listing objectives and agendas, drawing charts and graphs, and recording whole-class brainstorming takes a toll on those felt tips over time…not to mention my writing arm! Some years I had a dedicated classroom in which I could prepare the chalkboard or whiteboard before school or at the end of the day for the next morning but other years I was tasked with traveling between classrooms and trying to beat the students to the room so I could frantically write on the minimal, available whiteboard space before they arrived so as not to waste any instructional time. I am happy to say that after 20 years I have found a better way!! Most people agree that Google Slides is a priceless tool because of its versatility…Kasey Bell of Shake Up Learning often refers to it as the Swiss Army Knife of G Suite. I have recently started using a SINGLE SLIDE to replace all of that whiteboard writing altogether! I created one slide to simply resemble the arrangement of information on my whiteboard. (Get your template here and go to File>Make a Copy.)Whiteboard Template

Once I had my template in Slides, I copied and pasted it until I had one for each class period.  Continue reading