19 Choice Board Templates for 2019!

Choice Board Post Image

Are you a fan of choice boards? I love using choice boards with students because they love them but I’ve recently realized that adults love them too! Who doesn’t love the opportunity to choose tasks to help them learn or show what they know?? Choice boards give us options but they also give us multiple ways of thinking about the same content and/or skills. Teachers often ask me for copies of the choice boards I have used with students and adults.

Like this one, that I use to help my Art Foundation students practice responding to works of art:

Choice Board Examples (2).png

And this one that I created for teachers to try some alternative PD throughout the school year:

Choice Board Examples (3)

For those of you who might want to try choice boards with your students or colleagues, I’ve created 19 Choice Board Templates that you can customize with your own choices and challenges. I’ve also added the templates to my public Shared Resources Folder which is an ever-growing set of resources organized by content area…you can find these and lots of other templates in the Cross-Curricular Resources folder. (All resources that have been shared by others and added to the folders are so labeled.)

share-2-icon.pngSpeaking of my Shared Resources Folder, you are not only welcome to create a copy of anything you find there, you are free to add your own resources to grow the community. If you want to add something to the folder feel free to do so here.

Interactive Whiteboard Template

Back-to-school season has all of us thinking about how we can maximize our resources for the school year! I have worn out likely hundreds of dry erase markers in my career as a teacher. Listing objectives and agendas, drawing charts and graphs, and recording whole-class brainstorming takes a toll on those felt tips over time…not to mention my writing arm! Some years I had a dedicated classroom in which I could prepare the chalkboard or whiteboard before school or at the end of the day for the next morning but other years I was tasked with traveling between classrooms and trying to beat the students to the room so I could frantically write on the minimal, available whiteboard space before they arrived so as not to waste any instructional time. I am happy to say that after 20 years I have found a better way!! Most people agree that Google Slides is a priceless tool because of its versatility…Kasey Bell of Shake Up Learning often refers to it as the Swiss Army Knife of G Suite. I have recently started using a SINGLE SLIDE to replace all of that whiteboard writing altogether! I created one slide to simply resemble the arrangement of information on my whiteboard. (Get your template here and go to File>Make a Copy.)Whiteboard Template

Once I had my template in Slides, I copied and pasted it until I had one for each class period.  Continue reading